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Writing for Emma: 2

Starting the third story is a humbling experience. I have the idea, I’ve started chapter one, I think I know what I want to write about … and yet, it seems more difficult than the first two. I’ll be playing with it this week because my deadline is this weekend when it is to be revealed to Emma.

A fun thing that came about in book 2 was my love of fun words to say. So, now, Emma (in the stories) likes to chew on fun words. An example is, “Drat!” She’ll learn that word and use it in book 3. Why? Because it’s a fun word, that’s why!

Books 1 and 2 are almost finished marinating and are close to be ready revised and given to my “inner circle.” Oh, joyous times.


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Writing for Emma

I’m beginning to write stories for my 5-year-old daughter, Emma. We’ve connected in ways I didn’t know possible during our time reading together. I’ve often made up tall-tales while we lay around; and the story of Emma having a friend dragon was born one such lazy day hanging out on the bed.

It’s natural for a writer to study the craft of writing–learning as much about the process as about the word-play. It is that which causes me to research and study to write better for Emma. The secondary is to see if what I do create is worthy of publication. But, publishing these stories or not, Emma deserves the best I can produce.

My intent for this blog is to keep myself focused and to report any new information I learn.

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